We all want to belong…

that´s the thought I got this morning…after a healing session

We all want to belong…to a group, to a tribe, to a family, to a culture, whatever….


Because we FORGOT we already belong to all and everything, we are all connected…

This morning I went back to the roots of “my tree”, I re-experienced the grief of separation, loneliness…

And then….I started to breath deeply…to dissolve the illusion in my mind…

We are not alone…We are all connected…We already belong…

Just close your eyes, and breath deeply, with your Heart open…TRUST ❤

Conditioning…break the pattern

Today the Summer seems to be suddenly back in Berlin…so I took this chance and grab my old roller-skates and went to the park…Suddenly I realized these thingies are, well, more than 20 years old, being this old fashioned model I bought when I got into figure roller skating ….wow more than 20 years and still perfectly functioning!

Suddenly I started thinking about how easy we buy and throw away stuff…got out of control about resources and respecting Nature….if we are more awake, easing our guilty mind with “but it is fair trade, but it is bio, but but…” …BUT is it necessary? BUT do you really need it? BUT do you really believe it is fair trade?

Can we be brave enough to brake the pattern of Consumerism? We are in an Emergency Situations…taking more of what is available on the Planet….Remember with your Heart: the relationship to the Earth should be Steady and Joyful (and mutually beneficial as my Teachers say) ..* think with your Heart *

Sharing is caring…

Yesterday,  talking on skype with my dear childhood´s friend in Italy (you know these strong connections that never fade? =) ),  I was reflecting on the word “Teacher”.

Teaching Yoga? Well….I d like to call it “share it”…I am not teaching anything, just sharing and reminding us what we already know – our Real Nature which is Joy – perhaps buried under layers and layers of conditioning, paranoias and mind-tricks 😉



Walking meditation & Karma Yoga around the lake

A few days ago I left early in the morning to go to one of my favorite lake here in Berlin: Schlachtensee, beautiful place surrounded by a forest. Practicing Spiritual Warrior by the water was pure bliss! Then I remembered how I enjoyed Walking Meditation during Teacher Training, so bare feet I started carefully to walk all around the lake…at a certain point I got distracted by some rubbish near the trees. “Oh wish I had a bag with me to pick it up!”…2 meter and perfect, I found an empty box! So I started to pick up the rubbish “I do it for Her, Mother Nature” I told myself. A little girl passed by on her bike and curious asked “What are you looking for?” – “Nothing” I replied “Just cleaning up. You know, those trees are not very happy with all that rubbish around” – “Oh I see!” she said, and went her way.

The box was getting very heavy but luckily I approached a café near the lake. I looked at the bored waiter and ask kindly if they had rubbish containers to get rid of what I picked up. He looked at me with a big smile and took the box for me.

When I don´t act in a selfish way, everything flows in a marvellous way  =)

Eat this to get more beautiful….

I have subscribed to a couple of magazines online, dealing with spirituality & healthy lifestyle…

Sometimes I see articles on which foods to eat to get more beautiful. Apart from seeing Beauty as an objective interpretation,  sometimes the food suggested includes animal products, such as fish´s oil or dairy…And I ask myself how can somebody get more beautiful by introducing death and suffering into his/her temple?

People reading magic…

I was on the train this morning on my way to the doctor, it was very early, sleepy and grumpy faces all around….then I noticed two content people, they were reading magic and fantasy books….

I asked myself: when did we stop to make our life magical? that we have to escape to a fantasy reality?

Authenticity heals

That is what I learnt at the Findhorn Foundation in 2012 during the “sharing” circles.

Being authentic, not by being negative but simply honest enough to say the Truth about one of the most simple question in the world – but one of the most lied upon “How are you?”

It is about allowing yourself the space to be honest with yourself and then make an action to change the present situation.

“How are you?” and what are you going to do right now to move in the direction of your Real Nature? which is Joy, Love & Bliss

Nature is my Guru

Guru means remover of darkness (Avidya in Sanskrit, ignorance of our real nature), it is all around you and inside you, all the time.

But when my mind´s rattles get too loud, I take refuge in Nature: the healing energy one experiences among the Wild, under a tree, reminds me of the Frequency we come from and we are part of….Tune in and let go =)