I worked as Digital Artist between 2002 and 2008, got fascinated by Photography for a couple of years then…and then? *creativity-release in progress* 😉

Past Exhibitions (a selection)

Über grenzen gehen, Collective. Photography/Installation Are we an engendered species? 01/10-1-2010 Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg

Witches, Collective and special Event. B/W Photography Empowering Women 30-04-2010 X Lab. corrosive art farm, Berlin Kreuzberg

Swan Collective exhibition organized by SwanFilmEurope, featured with the image Harmony, 24.11. 2006 at Nipple Gallery, Bologna (Italy).

Hans across the world, a tribute to Hans Christian Andersen (collective), 01.12.2005/01.01.2006. LL Drenth (Photography) and Simona Vinati (Digital Art) present a 4-image concept tribute to The Little Mermaid. ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam (Holland)

Focus>on exhibition in Amsterdam together with Svetlana J. and Fabio Valiante, 09.09.05/14.09.2005. Chiellerie Gallery, Amsterdam (Holland)

01! Graphola Digital Art Expo collective of Artists from, featured with the work Wounds, 22.05.04/4.05.04 Recanati (Italy)

11 Wounds new series of b/w images projected during Dwaalspoor Party, 15.05.04 Rotterdam (Holland)

Digital Art Print Expo Arredi Digitalicollective of Artists from, featured with the work Wounds, 22.11.03/06.12.03, San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)

Aima Project fusis kai logos Art Exhibition/Performance, guest appearance by Simona with The Coldness Sequence, November 2002, Prato (Italy)

Rosa Selvaggia Festival, Art Exhibition Autumn: Melancholy and Rebirth(together with Ecate-Sebastian Project), 19/10/02, Milano (Italy)

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