We all want to belong…

that´s the thought I got this morning…after a healing session We all want to belong…to a group, to a tribe, to a family, to a culture, whatever…. Why? Because we FORGOT we already belong to all and everything, we are all connected… This morning I went back to the roots of “my tree”, I re-experienced […]

Conditioning…break the pattern

Today the Summer seems to be suddenly back in Berlin…so I took this chance and grab my old roller-skates and went to the park…Suddenly I realized these thingies are, well, more than 20 years old, being this old fashioned model I bought when I got into figure roller skating ….wow more than 20 years and […]

Sharing is caring…

Yesterday,  talking on skype with my dear childhood´s friend in Italy (you know these strong connections that never fade? =) ),  I was reflecting on the word “Teacher”. Teaching Yoga? Well….I d like to call it “share it”…I am not teaching anything, just sharing and reminding us what we already know – our Real Nature which […]

Walking meditation & Karma Yoga around the lake

A few days ago I left early in the morning to go to one of my favorite lake here in Berlin: Schlachtensee, beautiful place surrounded by a forest. Practicing Spiritual Warrior by the water was pure bliss! Then I remembered how I enjoyed Walking Meditation during Teacher Training, so bare feet I started carefully to […]

Eat this to get more beautiful….

I have subscribed to a couple of magazines online, dealing with spirituality & healthy lifestyle… Sometimes I see articles on which foods to eat to get more beautiful. Apart from seeing Beauty as an objective interpretation,  sometimes the food suggested includes animal products, such as fish´s oil or dairy…And I ask myself how can somebody […]

People reading magic…

I was on the train this morning on my way to the doctor, it was very early, sleepy and grumpy faces all around….then I noticed two content people, they were reading magic and fantasy books…. I asked myself: when did we stop to make our life magical? that we have to escape to a fantasy […]