Conditioning…break the pattern

Today the Summer seems to be suddenly back in Berlin…so I took this chance and grab my old roller-skates and went to the park…Suddenly I realized these thingies are, well, more than 20 years old, being this old fashioned model I bought when I got into figure roller skating ….wow more than 20 years and still perfectly functioning!

Suddenly I started thinking about how easy we buy and throw away stuff…got out of control about resources and respecting Nature….if we are more awake, easing our guilty mind with “but it is fair trade, but it is bio, but but…” …BUT is it necessary? BUT do you really need it? BUT do you really believe it is fair trade?

Can we be brave enough to brake the pattern of Consumerism? We are in an Emergency Situations…taking more of what is available on the Planet….Remember with your Heart: the relationship to the Earth should be Steady and Joyful (and mutually beneficial as my Teachers say) ..* think with your Heart *

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