Walking meditation & Karma Yoga around the lake

A few days ago I left early in the morning to go to one of my favorite lake here in Berlin: Schlachtensee, beautiful place surrounded by a forest. Practicing Spiritual Warrior by the water was pure bliss! Then I remembered how I enjoyed Walking Meditation during Teacher Training, so bare feet I started carefully to walk all around the lake…at a certain point I got distracted by some rubbish near the trees. “Oh wish I had a bag with me to pick it up!”…2 meter and perfect, I found an empty box! So I started to pick up the rubbish “I do it for Her, Mother Nature” I told myself. A little girl passed by on her bike and curious asked “What are you looking for?” – “Nothing” I replied “Just cleaning up. You know, those trees are not very happy with all that rubbish around” – “Oh I see!” she said, and went her way.

The box was getting very heavy but luckily I approached a café near the lake. I looked at the bored waiter and ask kindly if they had rubbish containers to get rid of what I picked up. He looked at me with a big smile and took the box for me.

When I don´t act in a selfish way, everything flows in a marvellous way  =)

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